Escola Illa its a well known arts and design school in the city of Sabadell, Barcelona. It is an entity that imparts many courses and workshops related to world of art. Perhaps the idea of a «art studies» relapses on the classical concept of people drawing a model in a lustrous room, but the teaching philosphy that Escola Illa takes in practice it’s something that is far away from that.

In this place you can learn graphic design, marketing, styling, fashion design and illustration as the main dishes. In addition to that, students can adquire even more knowledge in the paint, binding, ceramics and many other high quality workshops (including the paint of a model in a lustrous room).

This design was a comission by the Escola Illa to create a folder that can represent all the courses and it’s respective worlds in one image or concept.

The idea in this design is that this folder serves as a storage of many ideas, creations and tools of every person regardless the course they are trying to complete. The complete palete of tools used in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are illustrated by hand in the covers. There are also icons and drawings created from scratch to represent the fashion design and other workshops.