Woman assault is a very serious and real problem despite all the missinformation around the topic. As a developed and smart society we have to work hand to hand to erradicate some of the most toxic and inhumane behaviours that some individuals like to practice. This poster wants to transmit the despair that women have to suffer day by day in every aspect of the life. From the private scenario of their homes to the public context in the work or social constructs.

The concept explains itself as a particular song you can’t never get out of your mind. It stucks and repeats every time till your patience explodes and creates consequences that can project fatal results.

This poster design was the winner of the contest for Sabadell general program in the 2019.

  • Client
    Sabadell City Hall
  • Special prize

    Winner poster design for the 2019 program against the woman aggressions in Sabadell.

  • Services

    Poster design Illustrarion Conceptualize Identity creation